What’s in a branding package?


Each package has different digital items for your online platforms, and templates for you to edit and print. Some packages include photoshoots and websites. We have three distinct packages. Visit our Contact us page, tell us more about who you are, and what you’re looking to brand. After hearing from you we can suggest whether we’re a good fit, and the package that may work best with what you’re looking for.


What if what I’m looking for isn’t in a package, or I’d like to break the package up?


Currently we do not offer a la carte services or pricing. We offer whats listed on our services page. Oftentimes, its great to have your full branding kit stored somewhere, you never know when you’ll make use if it!



Revisions? How many do I get?


Once a final version has been approved, and we complete a project, we do not offer revisions. Please be sure to thoroughly inspect your final version. For a project that may require ongoing updates, consider our retainer program.



What’s your process?


Payment, how to communicate with us, timeline & how to give feedback are all discussed once our scope of work has been defined. Contact us today for more information.



Where can I get more shirts, clutches, photos or downloads?


The products showcased on this site, are available on (digital downloads) www.articulatebrand.com and (apparel) www.dopeticlicense.com.